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Ancient blade

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Everything will be...

Died the whole world.
In our hearts cold.
Now all will
Very not good.
All each other something
Will take and will steal.
Just have to waiting.
But one day
All will be well.
For life we will not pay.
We not be knocking on heaven, fear of hell.
Now we are evil.
For us rejoice the Devil.
And in general, whether in the us sense?
What do people wants?
We build, but then destroyed.
There vices we enjoyed.
No one wants anything.
Just throw yourself in the ring.



We demand peace!
You your soul miss.
Stop, please, stop!
You kill the world.
Please, don't lie
And don't try again.
You very filthy liars.
We demand peace!


Grand wars

Unnecessary grand wars
In the name of the void.
Birthed and burned the stars,
After all we all destroy.

The destruction in our veins.
But why? We ourselves enjoyed it.
We never wanted to think.
Heaven we poured black rains.

We still continue. 
Not soon win.
The choice stay on us.
We need to stop the wars.

Otherwise, we're done
In the depths of our depravity. 
We must be firm as stone.
We are stay, come clarity.


The soul and mind

When the brain dies.
You becam a victim yourself.
You thought that everything is nice.
But it turned out that waiting for you death.

This depression is inside of you.
Look, she eat your soul.
For you it will not be new.
You're already dead. It's too late now.

You can still grab, but the edge too far.
Your resistance to yourself so grand.
You're not anything, but being aware of it.
When the brain and the soul turns into gray thing.


Ancient blade

Take, Take, Take, Take, Take the metallic death!
Feel, feel, feel, feel, feel this force!
Hear, hear, hear, hear, hear cold breath.
Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen that voice!
Blade in your hands!
Conquer around lands!
Ancient force overflows your flesh!
Cold mind, cold eyes. 
You have kill for me! Arrange total trash!
Cut, kill, destroy! You feeled the hot ice!
Obey the ancient cold!
Conquer for me the world!
Take the metallic death!
Feel this force!
Hear cold breath!
Listen that voice!


I silent

I silent now
And killing after.
At me dark soul.
My brain go away as water.

I very want kill
Every fucking day.
I want lifes steal.
My enemys pay.


Inside me...

Inside me nothing. I fade away.
My consciousness is more and more slow.
I hate myself, with all my heart.
I, doomed to exist, a fucking mistake.
I have made mistakes and will do more. I want to burn.
I don't want to be burden. Is gone my soul.

No, no, no, no. NOOOO! Do not surrender to the greatness of the Universe!
Mistakes are made all. So why don't I make a mistake?
After all without difficulties in any way. I feel the force!
Out of depression i need to wake.

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