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The Dialogue between the President and the Emperor

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    The Dialogue between the President and the Emperor

  The Dialogue between the President and the Emperor
  Reading the court acts, the President deeply thought.
  Suddenly the Emperor appeared.
  - Hello, mister Maximilian, - the President said. - Of course, I've heard and read about you. The events were a long time ago. The indistinct memories... Opinions are not a clear... I recently read, for example: "The cultured, educated, humane person! Gradually, he gain the management experience. Didn't we want to live in a European country? Political regimes come and go, but European culture remains!"
  - I am, mister president, also no stranger to reading. Recently I "entered" to Wikipedia. I read: "The Brazil made the huge economic and social step, the jump, owing to Lula's policy in the 2000s. The key points of this policy were tough financial measures and control over inflation. In addition, the government of Lula has developed a range of social programs, the main of which - the so-called the" family package " (Bolsa Família), thanks to which 12 million of the poorest Brazilian families receive small monthly payments, provided that their children regularly attend school and receive the necessary medical vaccinations. ... From 1994 to 2010, the poverty rate in the country fell by 67.3 %, with 50% of this decreasing took place during the presidency of da Silva."
  - I, mister Maksimilian, too somehow read the same article. I quote from memory: "Lula received a not a systematic education. He wasn't able to read untill his age of ten years old and he left school after fourth grade to work and help the family. His working life began at the age of 12 as a street vendor and shoe polisher. At the age of 14, he received his first official job at factory on copper processing.
  In 19 years he has lost a little finger of the left hand as a result of accident. - He was working as the operator of a press machine at the plant of automobile spare parts. After losing a finger, he visited several hospitals until he got help. As a result of this experience, he began to show bigger interest in activity in the Union of workers."
  - Well, mister president, it's impossible to read all. I will also allow myself to quote: "I am forced to finish because of a lack of time. But I will add the one thesis: to people, the señor, it is habitually to usurp the rights of others, to encroach on their property, threaten life of those, who protect the freedom, to represent their virtues as crimes, and their vices as virtues. But there is something, not subject to this leprosy - the High Court of History. History will judge us. Your obedient servant Benito Juárez".
  The Emperor has disappeared.
  The president looked thoughtfully at the court acts. "History will judge us." "That's clear." "But the desire to continue "great positive economic and social changes" cannot be hidden in the pocket..."
  8 July 2018 23: 12
  Translation from Russian into English: July 9, 2018, July 11, 2018. Владимир Владимирович Залесский 'Диалог президента и императора'.
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