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The Sketch about Internet-platform and Absolute Relativity

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    The Sketch about Internet-platform and Absolute Relativity

  The Sketch about Internet-platform and Absolute Relativity
  The user of Internet-platform made a backup copy of the title web page.
  Some figures were in a disrespect. They have appeared in discrepancy.
  Internet-platform kindly gave the information: "Visitors for the year: 3997". This is as of 2 July 2018.
  It's not that much. Others have several million visitors.
  But this is as of July 2, 2018.
  What about July 4, 2018?
  "Visitors for the year: 3634" - the Internet-platform showed.
  "So ..." - the user has thought. - " Einstein, seems, said that everything in the world is relative". "In general it is pleasant to think and to assume that indicator, figures show thousands, but actually, in fact, - millions, billions..."
  It was remembered, how recently the female user with the best intentions and some technical device has come to the headquarters of the world known Internet video - service (the kind of Internet-platform). She has decided to find out a situation about indicators of attendance of her video blog. Somehow her personal income from these figures of Internet video - service depended. She have done much noise. All the world was informed!
  "But the female user is an example for this case?" - the user continued to reflect. - "It is necessary to be guided by classics". "Pliny the Younger has been very excited by eruption of Vesuvius! What he did? Long ago it was ... but, say, he began to translate one of his letters into Russian ... " "To translate something into Latin?..." "Now English is more popular ..."
  "At the expense of Pliny the Younger the library has been constructed in his hometown of Komo!"
  The user has started to translate from Russian into English "The Appeal to Electronic (Internet) Libraries".
  "Pliny the Younger wasn't getting any figures about the number of readers! And how many he has written!"
  July 4, 2018 16:45
  Translation from Russian into English: July 6, 2018 20:46.
  Владимир Владимирович Залесский "Скетч об интернет-сервисе и абсолютной относительности".
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