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The Tale about William Gladstone and about an exhibition

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    Translation from Russian into English. Владимир Владимирович Залесский "Сказка об Уильяме Гладстоне и о выставке".

  The Tale about William Gladstone and about an exhibition. (From Minicollection "The Tale and The Dialogue about Freedom of speech").
  November, 1877. Science Museum, London. Exhibition of archeological finds.
  William Gladstone approached one of the twenty-four showcases with ancient artifacts.
  A lot of time, efforts he has expended, promoting opening of this exhibition.
  Numerous visitors gave the opportunity to come near the display case.
  All became silent.
  All were waiting for opinion of the connoisseur of Homer, the author of books on theological and church questions.
  Suddenly the British officer has spoken, which also was standing next to a showcase. He in appearance already had combat experience.
  - Or - victories, or - the fate of archaeological finds, - the officer has formulated the thought briefly - as in an army.
  Visitors of an exhibition with amazement have translated views to the officer.
  William Gladstone looked at the officer with interest.
  The officer, encouraged by general amazement, has continued:
  - Archeologists are useful. Asia. Egypt and Arabia. Diaries. Topography. Exploring the terrain. Knowledge of languages and history. Magnificent exhibition! Britain again ahead!
  The officer has kindly looked at William Gladston, has slightly inclined the head. Then for a second he was before William Gladstone on standing at attention.
  "How many efforts were required to cancel practice of sale of officer patents, but tried not in vain", - William Gladstone has thought.
  Aloud he has spoken:
  - The commitment of the people, the common people to the throne and Britain is more valuable than the Army and Navy, gold and silver. It is honor and glory of the country. This exhibition, the first in the history the public exposition of unusual archaeological finds, exhibition, which can be visited by any Briton and guest of our state, makes honor to our country and serves the benefit of science!
  In 1883 in the second premiership of William Gladstone the officer has been attached to the Egyptian army, held important posts. And in 1892 (this year W. Gladstone became a prime minister for the fourth time) the officer has held a position of "sirdar", that is the Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian army.
  In the winter of 1888, two European scientists with research goals swam on a hired yacht up the Nile.
  Suddenly their yacht has been shooted from the coast. There was a danger of capture and the yacht, and crew, and scientists.
  At a critical moment, like magic, appeared the gunboat with the British crew, which forced the attackers to retreat.
  The shot from the ship cannon could be reviewed and as a way of the help, and as a cannon's salute.
  One of scientists, been talking in half an hour with the the British lieutenant, commander of the gunboat, has said:
  -Your face is familiar to me, Mr. Lieutenant. It seems to me You - at that time still the young man - were ten years ago among visitors at an exhibition of ancient treasures in the Science Museum, London.
  - Yes, sir, - the Lieutenant has answered, - at that time I still studied. But at the first opportunity I have visited this remarkable exposition. And the Governor of Provinces - and all of us - remember the impression, was made by treasures. We try to get acquainted with new archaeological achievements and new book publications.
  - The science moves forward! - the scientist has noted, having politely inclined the head.
  The assistant to the commander of the gunboat joined the conversation with the scientist:
  - I will note, sir, that we under a big impression both of discoveries, and of books, and of intensive development of archeology. Your example of maintaining diaries is very interesting to us. And we prepare our diaries for the publication. Perhaps, they will be interesting both to public, and to outstanding scientists. Indicative names: "The Diary of the Navy officer" and "The Sudanese diary".
  - I believe that the publication of the book "Battles on the River" - an event of the close future, - the commander of the gunboat has added.
  Having discussed plans of safe return of the yacht toward the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the scientist has added: "The archaeological collection is replenished. I hope for the common meeting in the updated museum halls with an expanded exposition of ancient values!".
  February 02, 2017 - March 03, 2017.
  Translation from Russian into English: January 19, 2018 14:40. Владимир Владимирович Залесский "Сказка об Уильяме Гладстоне и о выставке".
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